According to a group of cannabis testing labs, marijuana for sale in the state of Michigan is contaminated with mold and yeast.

Michigan, which is no longer allowing a specific marijuana testing method, disagrees with the findings.

The state’s Michigan Cannabis Industry Association said Wednesday it disagrees with the lab group’s findings and believes Michigan’s move to pause one of the methods to test for contaminants was made “out of an abundance of caution,” but “there’s no evidence” the pot is actually tainted.

“From our perspective, there has not been any indication there is contaminated product in the system,” said Robin Schneider, the association’s executive director. According to Schneider, the issue is an “ongoing scientific debate” and not a public safety matter.

Schneider believes because the lab tests were not done with regulatory oversight, the results are questionable.

It was the Michigan Information & Research Service that reported that Ben Rosman, the founder of the Michigan Coalition of Independent Cannabis Testing Laboratories, said there is “a ton of contaminated cannabis” on the shelves.

Rosman told the Free Press that his lab has been testing cannabis since 2015 and that hhis lab has conducted studies for 8 to 12 months, and found traces of mold had not been detected by one of the state tests.

“You want safe, quality product on the shelves,” he said.

“There is no product recall at this time,” the agency said in an email to the Free Press. “As always, any consumer should report any adverse reaction to any marijuana product to the retail location and/or the MRA.”

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