A new published study out of the University of South Australia in the September 2017 issue of Drug and Alcohol Dependence has revealed that there may be a connection between how people walk and marijuana.

Scientists at the university have researched the balance and walking gaits in adults who have a history of using marijuana.

The scientists have come up with the hypothesis that cannabis consumption may be associated with subtle changes in gait and balance.

In the study, there were two groups of adults aged 18-49 years. While 22 subjects did not have a history of any illicit drug use, the other 22 subjects had a history of marijuana use but no illicit stimulant or opioid use.

The participants took part in screening tests, a gait and balance test, and a clinical neurological examination of movement.

The results concluded that regular usage of marijuana is connected to long-lasting changes in certain elements of a person’s walking gait. The changes are very small so they are clinically undetectable. There was no observation in balance changing between the two groups over time.

The authors of the study have called to do further research to see if the gait disturbances diminish with increased time between cannabis consumption.

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