While this may seem premature, it actually makes sense.

Columbus, Ohio is already seeing medical marijuana clinics pop up and open their doors despite the drug not even being planted yet.

The clinics are offering potential patients recommendations for medicinal marijuana and the doctors will help the patients sign up for the state’s new medical marijuana system. There will be no marijuana at the clinics.

“Our goal is to get people aware of the program, enrolled in the program and then guide them throughout the program,” stated Dr. Anand Dugar who is with the clinic Green Health Docs.

Green Health Docs has its first registration appointments scheduled for this morning. Dugar commented, “It’s going to be hectic. We’re going to get a lot of phone calls and questions about the program.”

Although cultivation sites have been announced already, the state has not yet certified them to open.

“You’re doing it ahead of time and once the dispensary is open, you’re ready to go while other people are kind of scrambling to get access to medicine,” Dugar said.

“You’re not going to see thousands and thousands probably but you’re going to see enough that you’re going to have access as a patient throughout the state,” remarked Thomas Rosenberger with the National Cannabis Industry Association of Ohio.

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