The Michigan Medical Marijuana Licensing Board has approved licenses for two testing facilities this week.

In total, the board has approved seven licenses in July, but none had been for testing facilities.

These facilities are necessary for medicinal marijuana to make it from the growers to processors and then to dispensaries.

The two testing facilities to be awarded licenses are Laboratories in Walled Lake and Precision Safety Innovation Laboratories in Ann Arbord.

When the testing facilities get their licenses they will be able to start testing marijuana as well as marijuana-infused products that will be sold at dispensaries.

β€œThis means we have a complete system now, so the licensees can actually begin operating,” said Andrew Brisbo, the director of the state’s Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation.

Ben Rosman, CEO of PSI Laboratories stated, “Michigan has the second-biggest medical marijuana patient population in the country. Once it really starts to kick off, it’s going to be huge.”

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