Many medical marijuana dispensaries will have to close their doors way before the year ends in Michigan.

While some will be able to stay open until December 15th, others will be closing under new emergency rules adopted by the state this week.

According to the new rules, roughly 108 medical marijuana dispensaries that have been operating while theyโ€™re waiting for the Medical Marijuana Licensing Board to consider their application for a license will get to stay open until December.

The owners of these dispensaries had their initial applications in by Feb. 15 and got approval from the communities where they are operating and submitted the second step of the application process by June 15.

Unfortunately 98 other dispensaries that had submitted initial applications by Feb. 15, but didnโ€™t submit the second step of the application in a timely manner or at all, are going to be getting cease and desist orders next week and must shut down.

If they continue to operate, they may not even be able to get a license.

A list of the 98 dispensaries will be released by the state by October.

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