All of the presidential candidates for the 2020 race are on board with marijuana legalization.

President hopeful Cory Booker of New Jersey will be re-introducing legislation this week to legalize marijuana at the federal level.

The bill’s Senate co-sponsors also include Senator Kamala Harrris, Senator Elizbaeth Warren, Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, and Senator Michael Bennett.

Booker tweeted on Thursday, “TODAY: I’m reintroducing the Marijuana Justice Act – my bill to legalize marijuana on the federal level, expunge records, and reinvest in the communities that have been hurt from the war on drugs.”

“The War on Drugs has not been a war on drugs, it’s been a war on people, and disproportionately people of color and low-income individuals,” said Booker when he announced the bill. “The Marijuana Justice Act seeks to reverse decades of this unfair, unjust, and failed policy by removing marijuana from the list of controlled substances and making it legal at the federal level.”

The Marijuana Justice Act, which would also expunge the records of those who have been charged with a crime for using or possessing it, will be introduced in the House by Reps. Barbara Lee and Ro Khanna.

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