Kids as young as five years old were asked for their advice by Health Canada in order to decide what kind of warning label would work for marijuana products as the drug is legalized later this year.

According to the report from January to the department, the symbol is to “prevent accidental ingestion of products containing cannabis, in particular by children and youth.”

Children between the ages of five and nine were interviewed, children 10-12 were spoken to, and teenagers as well as adults were in focus groups.

The conclusion was that the top choice of those surveyed had said the symbol should be “attention grabbing” as well as “foreboding.”

The department had found that shapes did not really have any meaning, especially among the kids, but red backgrounds “conveyed a sense of warning, caution and danger.”

“We have heard loud and clear from provinces and territories and also from stakeholders that they need to have this information regarding packaging as soon as possible,” remarked Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor back in March.

“So we are very comfortable with the information that has been brought forward with respect to the specifics of the labeling and the packaging and the warning sign that is going to be on all cannabis types of products.”

Marijuana will be legalized in October of this year according to Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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