For marijuana enthusiasts who are not vaccinated for Covid-19, they may face some trouble buying marijuana in Quebec.

Quebec will soon require individuals to show proof of a COVID-19 vaccination in order to buy alcohol or cannabis at government-funded stores.

Health Minister Christian Dubé announced the new measure earlier this month and said officials will determine a final date once all citizens have had the chance to get a third shot.

“If the unvaccinated aren’t happy with this situation, there is a very simple solution at your disposal,” the minister said. “It is to get vaccinated. It’s free.”

Dubé argued that by limiting the places accessible to unvaccinated individuals, the Quebec government has limited their contacts and thus any risk of transmitting the virus.

“If you don’t want to get vaccinated, stay home,” he added.

The restriction is part of an expansion of the vaccination passport system that will require three doses (including a booster) to qualify. The government currently has allowed access to booster shots for residents aged 50 or older, but officials plan to expand that access to all adults as of Jan. 17, CBC reported.

Opposition leader Dominique Anglade of the province’s Liberal Party has said, “All of this is creating a lot of anxiety in the population, and François Legault is nowhere to be seen this week.”

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