Recreational marijuana sales began in the state of Michigan on December 1st and the state was met with big crowds lined up at dispensaries.

Shops in Ann Arbor were among the first in the state allowed to sell the drug and doors were opened at 10 A.M. sharp.

It was over a year ago that Michigan voters had voted in favor of recreational marijuana, making the state the 10th to allow it.

In total the state has issued 18 licenses to growers and processors.

The state is also allowing licensed retailers to move 50 percent of medical product that’s been in inventory for at least 30 days over to the recreational side.

Over 12 additional businesses are expected to be licensed come January.

According to Detroit Free Press article, on the first day of sales, over 2,200 people had spent about $221,000 to purchase marijuana from the three shops that were opened in Ann Arbor and a fourth shop in Morenci that began sales at 7 P.M.

“I saw the coverage of the lines and I think that was what we expected,” said Andrew Brisbo, director of the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency. “The demand is already there and we’re inching toward the supply that will meet that demand.”

Arbor Wellness owner James Daly said to the Detroit Free Press, “It was a momentous day and overwhelming. The vibe was fantastic and we couldn’t have asked for anything better.”

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