Marijuana enthusiasts may be excited to learn that marijuana could be coming to Rite Aid stores across the U.S.

The U.S. pharmacy chain, which has 2,500 stores in 17 U.S. states, could be open to marijuana products, at least according to recent comments from the company’s CEO.

Rite Aid CEO Hayward Donigan said that “everyone is looking at the marijuana business.”

“There is complexity to that, but (we’re) certainly keeping an eye on it,” Donigan said at The Wall Street Journal’s Future of Everything Festival.

The company has already carried hemp-derived cannabidiol products since 2019.
According to the CEO, Rite Aid is looking at more homeopathic options in addition to traditional pharmaceuticals. The chain also had all of its pharmacists recertified as integrative pharmacy specialists, she noted. The chain’s pharmacists are certified on alternative and holistic remedies and are encouraged to help customers find treatments that can complement traditional medicines or replace them entirely.

“Pharmacists are trained in alternative therapies. They are not just trained on traditional medicine,” Donigan said.

“We are regulated, so we have to be careful that we follow all the regulations.”

Speaking at the virtual event, the CEO said that pharmacists are now trained to advise customers on homeopathic alternatives to over-the-counter and prescription medicines.

“They really are now experts to be able to consult with you about the proven, the worth trying, and then, of course, the traditional medicine,” Donigan said.

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