Analysis compiled by Verilife has found that the state of Oregon has more marijuana dispensaries per capita than any other state in the union.

“Considering it was among one of the first states to legalize medicinal marijuana, it might not be too surprising that Oregon hosts the most marijuana dispensaries per capita,” according to Verilife.

“There are more than 660 dispensaries located throughout the state or 16.5 per 100,000 residents.”

It was in 1973 that Oregon became the very first state to decriminalize marijuana, making a possession of less than an ounce only a violation rather than a felony.

Medical marijuan was then approved by voters in 1998. In 2014 voters voted for recreational cannabis.

Colorado and Washington, which were the first two states to legalize recreational cannabis by a vote of the people in 2012, were 4th and 6th on the list respectively.

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