According to new research, there are some types and amounts of marijuana that seem to work the best in treating symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.

The study was conducted at Washington State University and is based on data from a medical cannabis app called Strainprint. Strainprint allows patients to track symptom severity after medical cannabis use. The findings from the study were published this week in the Journal of Affective Disorders by the researchers.

The data of nearly 1,400 medical cannabis users had been looked at. Researchers analyzed outcomes from almost 12,000 inhalation sessions and kept their analysis to sessions that involved only inhalation such as smoking and vaping.

The researchers looked for symptom level changes in the sessions which were sp;lit depending on whether the user was trying to relief stress, anxiety, or depression.

The data revealed that there was a significant reduction in ratings of anxiety symptoms overall with 93.5% of tracked sessions leading to anxiety symptom relief.

For stress, there was a 93.3% of sessions resulting in relief and for depression around 89% of sessions resulted in immediate symptom relief.

Together with the findings from the stress data, the researchers noted:

The non-medical cannabis market is currently dominated by the sales of high THC cannabis products, but these results suggest that CBD is an important component of cannabis and that medical cannabis users should seek out cannabis with CBD levels of 10 percent or higher.

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