According to Canadian researchers, youths who regularly smoke marijuana will have some health issues as a result later in life.

These young adults will suffer with reasoning, memory and inhibitions later in life.
Experts at the University of Montreal in Canada have said smoking marijuana is even worse than drinking alcohol.

Researchers had tracked almost 4,000 teenagers between seventh and 10th grade over four years and once a year the participants rated how much they used cannabis on a zero to five scale. Zero meant never while five meant everyday.

The researchers then also looked at the year-over-year changes in four cognitive areas: inhibitions, perceptual reasoning, working memory, and recall memory.

According to the study, the teens who used cannabis more frequently performed the worst on the cognitive domain tests.

We were surprised that the effects of cannabis were more pronounced than the effects of alcohol,” said senior author and investigator Dr Patricia Conrod, of the department of psychiatry at the University of Montreal, speaking to the Daily Mail Online.

β€œAnd we were surprised of the lasting effects. Even if a young person reduced their use, you could still see effects from the previous year. It was more than we expected.”

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