America is getting its first marijuana cafe with bartenders and its opening up in sunny Los Angeles.

Called Lowell Farms: a Cannabis Café, the cafe will be opening next month in the city of West Hollywood. The idea belongs to Sean Black and David Elias, co-founders of the upscale cafe which has MadMen as an investor.

Launched in 2017, Lowell Herb Co. has a farm in Santa Barbara County and has also signed on “dozens of small family farms up and down the coast of California,” said Black.

The brand’s “weed flower crown,” a $55 smokable headpiece made specifically for Coachella, was a huge hit at the festival.

For now, food offerings will be virgin, as in sustainable, organic farm-to-table bites.

“We’re trying to be conservative in our interpretation of the laws; we’re waiting for the state and county to update their laws and work out the nuances for licensing, before we infuse food live on premises,” said Black.

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