Tech Giant HP is partnering up with FlowHub, a software firm that has launched a new point-of-sale hardware and software package specifically designed for the marijuana industry.

“Retailers in this industry are bombarded with hobbyist software solutions with consumer hardware choices that cause compliance and operation headaches. Flowhub is excited to offer professional retail standard solutions that you’d find in other industries,” said Kyle Sherman, CEO of Denver-based Flowhub.

This is the first agreement for HP in the marijuana industry. Aaron Weiss, HP’s Vice President and General Manager for Retail Solutions commented, “HP is delighted to have our ElitePOS point-of-sale system selected by Flowhub for this comprehensive solution targeted to the growing Cannabis industry. Flowhub is one of the original metric approved vendors with years of compliance experience, and HP is delighted to be a key part of the solution in this exciting new regulated industry.”

“Retailers across a wide range of industries use our hardware in their store operations,” HP said to Bloomberg. “Our retail solutions are widely available and used by all sorts of customers as they see fit to meet their business need.”

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