According to Tucker Carlson, a Fox News talk show host, the reason why people commit acts of extreme violence may be linked to marijuana.

It was on August 27th that Carlson noted in an interview that the Dayton, Ohio, shooter had cocaine, Xanax and alcohol in his system when he attacked.

“He was also known to be a long-time user of marijuana,” Carlson said. “It turns out, in fact, that many violent individuals have been avid marijuana users. Is there a connection?”

Carlson was speaking with former NY Times reporter Alex Berenson, who has a new book called, “Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence.”

“So, I don’t think it’s going way out on a limb to draw the connection then between cannabis use, particularly I assume chronic use, and acts of violence,” Carlson said. “Why is this not something that we’re pursuing more aggressively?”

“This is absolute nonsense,” responded Katherine Newman, interim chancellor at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. “There is no link whatsoever between marijuana and extreme violence.”

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