It was a big day on Monday for marijuana enthusiasts in Utah. The state’s very first medical cannabis pharmacy opened this week in Salt Lake City and allows for consumers to buy marijuana treatments within the state.

Dragonfly Wellness made its debut at 711 State St. in Salt Lake City on Monday.
“For far too long we’ve been told what we should do and what we shouldn’t do,” Narith Panh, Dragonfly’s chief strategy officer, told reporters. “And now, finally, we have that option to be able to take back control of our own health, to take back control of our lifestyle, to take back control of how we manage our medical conditions.”

Dragonfly is one of 14 cannabis pharmacies expected to open up across the state this year, said Richard Oborn, the head of the state’s Center for Medical Cannabis.

Utah began accepting patient applications for medical cannabis cards over the weekend said Oborn.

The Utah Department of Health had so far issued 14 and about 300 people have applied for the cards.

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