Hawaii is making it easier for visitors to enjoy their island vacations now. With approval, the state is allowing visitors to buy medical marijuana legally.

Travelers are allowed to apply for a $49.50 medical card before their visit to be able to purchase up to 4 ounces of marijuana at licensed dispensaries. The card is dubbed a “329” card.

It was earlier this month on March 5th that the Hawaii Department of Health began allowing out-of-state residents to apply for the card. Applications must be made online.

Those who apply for the card may only do so if they have a medical marijuana card issued by the state in which they live.

Applicants must also certify that they use cannabis for one of Hawaii’s approved conditions.

Visitors planning to travel to Hawaii may apply for a card up to 60 days before their trip and the cards are good for 60 days from the start date you request.

According to the Department of Health, applications are often approved on the same day they are made.

“Having the out-of-state program will open the opportunity of coming to Hawaii to many people,” said Executive Director Pedro Haro. “It’s really not a choice to have to make … to go without medication, particularly when it’s helping them.”

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