Alaska is making history by becoming the first state that will regulate marijuana cafes.

Alaska’s Marijuana Control Board is now accepting applications for onsite consumption. Wintergreens of Haines is already prepping to open the first marijuana lounge in town.

Jason Adams is the owner and has said,”We have such a variety of customers that come in. Not just locally. But a variety of all over Alaska and all over the whole world.”

“We should have a spot within a year,” said Adams. “And then when everyone asks ‘Where do we use this?’ when they come in to our shop, then we’ll be able to say, ‘Right over there.’”

“When I was young, it was the war on drugs and Nancy Reagan was leading “just say no” and everyone from my grandparents to my parents believed cannabis to be something that was bad and negative. Now, I work with my father in the cannabis industry… So the community I believe has decriminalized it in their minds.”

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