A federal lawsuit was filed this week by a 57-year-old retired nurse who has stage 4 cancer and wants access to medical marijuana.

Sherry Hoover, who was diagnosed back in 2011 with mastocytosis leukemia, had been using several pain killers including Vicodin and Norco before she found that medical marijuana helped her with her pain and helped her sleep.

Unfortunately she hasn’t been able to get marijuana based medicine since Michigan had imposed restrictions on it.

The lawsuit claims that until April 1, the state Licensing And Regulatory Agency allowed untested marijuana products, such as tinctures and RSOs (Rick Simpson Oil) to be sold at marijuana dispensaries without being tested. It was after the deadline that Michigan said the products had to be tested before being sold.

Last October LARA set medical marijuana emergency rules allowing marijuana dispensaries currently in operation to continue until the emergency rules expired Dec. 31, 2018. Hoover had then filed a lawsuit seeking to extend those rules until April 1. The extension was granted.

Hoover’s lawsuit is asking the state to again extend the period until Dec. 31, and until then, asks LARA to temporarily return to the pre-April 1 rules until a permanent solution can be found

“Perhaps the last thing I ever dreamed of was suing the state of Michigan because they denied me the ability to purchase medicine which makes my life more livable,” Hoover had said. “Governor Whitmer, please help.”

“I need my cannabis medicine, and the only two licensed dispensaries that carry the medicine I need are out,” Hoover said. “So, my only option is to purchase it on the black market.”

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