A new observational study that focuses on marijuana for PTSD treatment has been recently approved.

The Battle Brothers Foundation received approval to launch an observational study on the use of medical cannabis to help combat PTSD in veterans.

The Battle Brothers Foundation is the nonprofit arm of Helmand Valley Growers Company, a cannabis company founded by disabled United States Special Operations veterans that donates 100% of its profits to fund research on the medical use of cannabis for veterans.

The study will be done with Israeli-American medical data and research company NiaMedic, and will determine if cannabis treatment will be beneficial in reducing symptoms in patients with treatment-resistant PTSD.

Approval for the study came from the national Independent Review Board (IRB), which is the independent committee that reviews the methods proposed for research to ensure that they are ethical.

As part of the study, over the next year 60 California veterans will be enrolled who have moderate or severe PTSD.

Participants will dose and titrate individually purchased products by their own discretion and will then be followed for 90 days to evaluate the safety and efficiency of cannabis on their symptoms.

These participants will be limited to using legally available cannabis products in California’s market and will also be monitored for any adverse effects due to the use of cannabis.

Results of the study will be documented and monitored at that time.

“The study hypothesis is that cannabis treatment will be beneficial in reducing the PTSD symptoms in patients with treatment-resistant PTSD,” said Bryan Buckley, founder and president for the Board of Battle Brothers Foundation.

“This news could not come at a better time. Every day, 22 veterans are dying due to effects of post traumatic stress from opioid addiction to depression. Through anecdotal experiences, we know that cannabis can alleviate symptoms and provide relief. We appreciate that the IRB recognizes the validity of and the need for this study,” added Buckley.


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