Senator Jose Menendez believes that it is the time for Texas to make the use of medicinal marijuana legal in the state.

When the Texas legislature goes into session on Jan. 8, the legalization of medical marijuana may be one of the top debatable issues.

According to Menendez, the drug is already legal in 33 states and the District of Columbia, making it time for Texas to consider legalizing the drug for medicinal use.

“Why are we making people either criminals or forcing them to leave the state of Texas?” Menendez asked. “In every state that surrounds Texas, you can access medical marijuana.”

THe Texas Compassionate Use Program, or “T-CUP,” does however allow patients with intractable epilepsy to receive low doses of medical marijuana.

“What keeps medical marijuana from moving forward is the fear that politicians have of getting retribution at the ballot box,” Menendez added.

“What people need to stop thinking about when they hear the word marijuana is, this is not about people behind the high school or cruising in the park trying to get stoned,” Menendez said.

“Here is something that is available and doctors should be given the ability to treat patients how they see us the best thing available for those patients,” he also said.

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