A Laporte hemp farm in Colorado will be hosting a dinner that many people may be interested in attending.

Hosted by the Blue Circle Researh Farm and sponsored by Fort Collins dispensary Organic Alternatives, there will be a five-course dinner paired with cannabis this August 31st.

The dinner will feature different marijuana flower strains, edibles, extracts and vape cartridges and will be specifically picked to pair with each food and drink course.

There will also be some hemp oils and seeds infused in the food but will not contain any THC, the ingredient in the plant that causes a psychoactive high feeling.

“We think of it like any other wine, beer or cocktail pairing out there,” said Maka Kalai, who is the director of sales and marketing for event sponsor Organic Alternatives.

Tickets won’t be cheap. Each ticket will cost a person $300 and there are only 100 total seats available.

The dinner will start at 6:30 p.m. and there will be shuttles available from both Fort Collins and Boulder heading to the 3430 W. County Road 54G farm.

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