While Ed Sheeran is known for many things, including a Grammy, there is one thing he isn’t known for and it’s for good reason.

Sheeran is not a marijuana smoker.

According to an interview with Australia’s Nova radio, Ed explained how partying with rapper The Game in 2013 showed him that he would made a very bad pothead.

“I remember I was in the studio once in, like 2013. I was doing some records with The Game and he took me to Compton… And we were in studio and we probably made like 13, 14 songs,” Ed recalled.

A few of the rapper’s friends came to the studio as the session was winding down and, says Ed, “It starts being a bit of a party.”

The “Shivers” singer said, “I took a tiny, tiny, tiny puff on something and I was out,” he laughed. “I had to go home. I don’t really do that at all.”

Ed recently announced he is coming to Australia and New Zealand as part of his upcoming tour to promote his latest album, = (Equals).

“I got the final plans for it the last day of the Divide tour, and they’ve been building for three years,” he explained. “It’s a big financial risk. I hope that there’s not another pandemic, touch wood.”

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