Despite how fast the legal marijuana industry is growing and how much more accepting people in the U.S. are of the drug, it’s still not allowed to be advertised in many places.

Facebook and Google are two platforms that do not allow the advertising of marijuana or any drug related promotions on their sites, period.

This means that it’s mostly blogs, newsletters, and other forms or print media that are advertising marijuana.

“You would think that Facebook and some of these online platforms are the ideal platforms for these products because you can target only legal states, target only people over 21,” said Aaron Smith, who is the executive director of the National Cannabis Industry Association. β€œWe would gladly follow those guidelines.”

Facebook’s policy says the social media site cannot promote the sale or use of illegal, prescription, or recreational drugs, while a Google spokeswoman said the drug is not allowed on their site because it is still illegal on a federal level.

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