Nevada has banned employers from being able to refuse to hire potential employees that have failed a marijuana drug test.

The ban will start in 2020 and will make Nevada the first state to pass such a law.

“It is unlawful for any employer in this State to fail or refuse to hire a prospective employee because the prospective employee submitted to a screening test and the results of the screening test indicate the presence of marijuana,” reads the law, which was signed by Gov. Steve Sisolak on June 5th.

The law excludes however firefighters, EMTs, employees who operate a motor vehicle, or those who, in the determination of the employer, could adversely affect others’ safety.

“As our legal cannabis industry continues to flourish, it’s important to ensure that the door of economic opportunity remains open for all Nevadans,” Gov. Sisolak stated. “That’s why I was proud to sign AB132 into law, which contains common-sense exceptions for public safety and transportation professionals.”

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