According to an announcement from the company on Thursday, Trulieve has signed an exclusive deal to bring high-end marijuana products to the state of Florida with Binske.

Binkse is a Colorado-based company that markets an “experience” through its top-shelf products.

Trulieve is the state’s first and largest medical marijuana provider, giving access to the 162,000 registered patients in the state.

This past September, Trulieve also announced a partnership with Bhang, a cannabis chocolate bar company in California.

“When we look for partnerships, our focus is on bringing products to patients that provide relief in a safe, reliable manner,” Trulieve CEO Kim Rivers remarked.

“Binske shares Trulieve’s dedication to the patients first, focused on creating products that are high quality, consistent, and effective.”

Agriculture Commissioner-elect Nicole “Nikki” Fried has said, “As the number of medical marijuana patients in Florida rises, we look forward to help bring diverse products to provide our patients with the medicine they need.”

Before Binske products can hit the shelves however, the Office of Medical Marijuana Use in Florida must approve it.

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