The former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, has a new memoir called “Becoming” and it is in this book she briefly admits to smoking marijuana when she was a teenager.

The book was released this Tuesday and in it Obama discusses that at one point she and her high school boyfriend David had “fooled around and smoked pot in his car.”

While there are no more details given, it’s enough to know that the former First Lady did try cannabis in her life. So did her husband, as she revealed also in the book that as a teen, Barack Obama “smoked pot in the lush volcanic foothills of Oahu.”

Recently ABC News anchor Robin Roberts asked Obama about the admission and said, “You even write about smoking pot. Now you didn’t go into great detail, but you could’ve left that out, so why’d you talk about it?”

“That was what I did,” Obama said. “That’s part of the ‘Becoming’ story.”

“Everybody had something that they had to work through, something that they were figuring out. Why would I hide that from the next generation?” she answered.

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