According to actress and entrepreneur Gwyneth Paltrow, cannabis is the “hero ingredient of the future.”

CNBC has reported that she has made an undisclosed invested in cannabis-infused beverage maker in Cann and says the company’s drinks are an appealing alternative to alcohol.

Paltrow says she was drawn to Cann’s drinks, which are infused with small doses of THC and CBD. The company produces adult-infused beverages with flavors like grapefruit-rosemary, lemon-lavender, blood orange-cardamom. Their tonics contain 2 milligrams of THC and 4 milligrams of CBD. These portions of the plant’s compounds are considered microdoses.

Cann’s founders, former Bain consultants Luke Anderson and Jake Bullock, said the point of the smaller doses is to incentivize consumers to have multiple drinks without getting incapacitated.

“When people think of Gwyneth Paltrow, they don’t think of ‘weed’ — they think of cutting-edge solutions for today’s health and wellness needs,” said Anderson. “Her endorsement is a sign that Cann (and microdose beverages more broadly) are a viable answer to that very common consumer pain point.”

“There’s a whole sober-curious movement that’s going on and the cannabis-curious movement that’s going on, this is kind of at the intersection of those things in a way,” said Paltrow.

While this is not the first time the Hollywood celebrity has made an investment into the cannabis industry, it is the first time she is talking about a personal investment.

“We’re very clearly and definitively moving in the direction of cannabis being legalized, and I think it should be,” said Paltrow. “I’m actually not a big personal user of it. But I do think that there are amazing medicinal qualities to it and it is really helpful for a lot of people.”

“It’s going to be all about how people brand it and connect with the customer and what the aesthetic is,” she added.

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