The Indiana House unanimously voted this week to study the possibility of legalizing medical marijuana before next year’s legislative session.

Despite this being far from the drug actually being legalized for medicinal purposes, it perpetuates that the state is finally open to the idea with even conservative lawmakers being in favor of the study.

Top House Republican leader, Majority Floor Leader, Rep. Matt Lehman, was the one who offered the resolution.

Given the fact that the legislation is a House Resolution, it doesn’t need to be voted on by the Senate. Optimistically if three out of four legislative leaders from both parties were to agree on the study of medicinal marijuana, it could be assigned to a study committee this summer.

House Speaker Brian Bosma, R-Indianapolis is in support of the medical marijuana study but not exactly ready for legislation as he commented, “Honestly my opinion about the advisability hasn’t necessarily changed but my opinion as to whether or not we need to study the issue likely has. Our own surgeon general called for a study of the issue. So I think we need to take a look at the effects and I support a study.”

“I think we just need to know a lot more about it before we do anything,” Bosma said. “My mind could be changed, but it’ll be based on facts not opinions.”

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