According to Mexico’s minister for tourism, Enrique de la Madrid, the country should legalize marijuana in two of the country’s main tourist destinations.

The Minister said on Thursday that Mexico could follow the example of the United States and legalize marijuana in areas with support.

He is supporting that Cancun’s Quintana Roo as well as Los Cabos’ Baja California Sur, to move ahead with it.

He remarked, “It’s absurd that we’re not taking this step as a country.”

“Even if there’s work to do on the whole of the country, I’d like to see that it might be done in Baja California and Quintana Roo,” he explained.

Carlos Mendoza, governor of Baja California Sur, has said, “It seems foolish and illogical that we’re here fighting with a strategy that costs lives in Mexico and magically, crossing the border, marijuana becomes legal.”

According to Mendoza, if marijuana legislation is implemented, it should be implemented in various areas popular with tourists.

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