Recording artist Justin Bieber has a line of pre-rolled cannabis joints set to launch this month dubbed Peaches.

The brand has the same name as the hit single Bieber had earlier this year.

In the song’s chorus, the singer refers to his own relationship with marijuana with the lyric, “I get my weed from California.”

:I get my peaches down in Georgia,” Bieber sings in the song’s chorus. “I get my weed from California.”

Bieber is partnering with a California cannabis company Palms to create the line of limited edition pre-rolled joints.

Though the line of Peaches pre-rolled joints will be sold in California, they’ll also be available in Nevada, Florida, and Massachusetts according to Palms.

Bieber said he hooked up with Palms because he appreciates its goal of “making cannabis approachable.”

Palms says on its website that it focuses on producing pre-rolled cannabis joints for “first time and casual consumers,” rather than the more common approach of catering to the most-experienced, heavy cannabis users.

Bieber said Palms is “helping to destigmatize [weed] — especially for the many people who find it helpful for their mental health,” according to a statement in Rolling Stone.

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