Marijuana industry giants Leafly and Jane are teaming up to build a better online shopping experience for cannabis consumers.

Recently the two companies announced a partnership to create an improved retail experience for consumers and dispensaries alike.

Leafly and Jane’s technology solutions as part of the agreement, will offer dispensaries powerful tools to sync online e-commerce with in-store inventory.

“[Dispensaries] don’t have a solution that can be seamless like a Shopify or Amazon,” Jane’s CEO Socrates Rosenfeld said to Tech Crunch in an interview. “I think, together with Jane’s ability to cleanse information in real time, and essentially automate e-commerce for large brick and mortar selling sellers, combining that with Leafly’s consumer marketplace, we are making shopping for cannabis as simple as shopping on Amazon.”

According to Rosenfeld, the partnership is a way of returning value and protecting local dispensaries by empowering them with technology.

“The problems in cannabis are unique enough, and the plant has a complexity that we want to honor,” Leafly CEO Yoko Miyashita said to Tech Crunch. “We don’t think we can get there with antiquated ways of doing things. It’s bringing the intentionality around shared values to innovate and ultimately empower the communities that we serve.”

“Trust is the cornerstone of online shopping,” said Miyashita in the press release. “The Leafly marketplace provides trustworthy, up-to-date cannabis information to help customers shop with confidence and delivers those customers through retailers’ doors. That information and connection with retailers coupled with Jane’s leading product catalog and B2B tools will power the explosion of online ordering for retailers throughout North America.”

“Considering our shared values and mutual interest in maintaining the integrity and soul of the cannabis industry, it was an easy decision for us to partner with Leafly. As the cannabis industry becomes increasingly digitized, the Jane platform enables dispensaries to transform their retail business into a fully automated online store in the most streamlined and community-minded way possible,” said Rosenfeld. “By empowering dispensaries, brands, and consumers alike, we are able to instill trust in the cannabis shopping experience — and together with Leafly, we will set the standard for how this industry steps into the digital world.”

The press release also noted that over the past year, Jane powered over 17 million orders and $2 billion in cannabis sales. Jane is the trusted e-commerce partner for over 1,800 dispensaries and brands across 34 state markets.

More than 120 million people visit the Leafly consumer marketplace each year to learn about and shop for cannabis products. In 2020, more than 4,500 cannabis retailers in North America leveraged the Leafly platform to bring new customers in the door.

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