California-based cannabis brand Fumée has recently launched to its customers, high-quality pre-rolls that are filled entirely with cannabis flower and no trim.

“Fumée Cannabis – 100% California Flower and Absolutely No Trim, This is the World’s Finest Cannabis Smoke,” says the company’s website: Fumé

“Trim” refers to the bits of leaf and other trimmings that are discarded during the harvesting and processing of the cannabis plant.

Fumée is the French word for smoke and the company is bringing the world’s finest smoke with their 100% pure flower cannabis products.

This is why Fumée sells pre-rolls filled exclusively with A-grade cannabis flower. “I’ve been a marijuana grower for over twenty-five years, since my teenage years, says Fumée founder, Michael Baranchuck.

He added, “I’ve worked in all facets of this industry and consider myself to be a true connoisseur. I have a real love for cannabis and am putting this passion and knowledge into everything we do at Fumée. It’s important for me to give our customers the same product and experience that I myself use and enjoy.”

Fumée sources its cannabis only from local Northern California growers who operate to the highest environmental and labor standards.

“I’m passionate about how we treat our planet. Being a long-time marijuana grower myself, I understand the impact that poor farming practices can have, not just in marijuana, but in all farming. I want to do everything we can at Fumée to support our marijuana community with the least amount of impact on our environment,” said Baranchuck.

Fumée’s pre-rolls currently come in two flavor profiles: Classic & Fuel.

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