In the last year, the number of medicinal cannabis patients grew over 30,000 and is now at the state’s highest level since the first dispensary opened in June of 2015.

Massachusetts now has 100,000 medical marijuana patients in the state according to a report from the Boston Business Journal. This is up from 67,742 registered cardholders in March of last year.

Comparing March 2019 to March 2020, the state only saw a growth of 1,863 patients. The coronavirus pandemic hitting and the state implementing regulatory changes making it easier to access the medical marijuana market allowed for the state’s patient list to explode.

One of the rules that had passed was allowing prospective medical marijuana patients to see doctors and obtain MMJ cards online rather than going to physician offices.

According to the Business Journal, even though there was a big increase in MMJ patient numbers, the state’s Cannabis Control Commission has approved far more recreational license applications than for medical permits.

The state has 100 licensed adult-use cannabis retailers compared with 76 medical dispensaries, the Journal reported.

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