As marijuana support increases and legislation also increases, colleges and universities are realizing the potential of offering marijuana related courses.

Miami Dade College officials are now working on new classes and a certificate program.

According to administration, the courses are on the biology and chemistry of marijuana, as well as the plant’s historical usage and evolving regulation.

“The growing [aspect] is already out there,” remarked Michaela Tomova, dean of faculty at the college’s North Campus, which is developing the program. She added, “What’s missing is the scientific approach to educate the workforce.”

“Anything medical associated with the plant is what we’re looking at right now,” Meade says.

“We are in an exploratory phase because we want to see how the industry is going to develop, and we are developing parallel to it,” Tomova also said. “We cannot launch a degree at this point until we know where the industry is headed.”

“Our main goal, the way we look at it, is we simply want to be the epicenter for cannabis education,” said Efrain Venezuela, the associate dean of faculty. Venezuela added, “not only in Florida but nationwide.”

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