Michigan just kicked off recreational marijuana sales at the beginning of the year and the overwhelming demand has led to stores having to impose purchase limits.

“Due to the high volume of customers we are currently serving, we are not able to answer your call at this time,” says a recorded message calling Arbors Wellness in Ann Arbor in an Mlive article.

Each of the four operating retailers in the state have had to turn customers away at some point due to running out. The stores made a total of $221,000 in sales the first day of sales on December 1st.

“We’ve sustained a line all day,” Arbors Wellness owner James Daly said to Mlive. “We are working through the lines very efficiently. There’s about a 40- minute wait.”

Arbors Wellness is capping flower sales to an eighth of an ounce and has a purchase limit of 15 vaping cartridges, seven pre-rolled joints and two edible products. Other stores say they are not running out.

“We’re not running out and we’re not limiting (sale) of any of our products,” co-owner of Exclusive Brands in Ann Arbor, Omar Hishmeh said Wednesday. “We are fully stocked and are actively adding product to the system. We will not run out of product.”

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