For the first five months of 2020, the state of Oklahoma has raked in nearly $300 million in medicinal marijuana sales, becoming one of the largest and fastest-growing markets in the country.

The state’s medical marijuana industry broke sales records in both April and May. In April, sales in Oklahoma shot up to $61.5 million, a 21% increase from March.

Sales in May hit nearly $74 million – more than the adult-use markets in Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan and Nevada.

Patients grew from roughly 272,000 in March to 297,000 by the end of May. For the first three months of 2020, the average patient spent $184 on medical cannabis products. In May, the average spend was $249, a 35% increase.

Oklahoma declared medical marijuana businesses as essential during the pandemic and consumers were stockpiling.

“With the stay-home order in place, and medical marijuana dispensaries being categorized as essential health services, Oklahoma patients were afforded the ability to take their medicine on a more regular basis and sample a broader range of available medicines,” said Bud Scott, executive director of the Oklahoma Cannabis Industry Association back in May.

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