According to Dr. Charles Barrett and Dr. Andrew Luxenberg of Dover, Ohio, people with chronic pain could benefit from medical marijuana.

Both doctors operate Alternative Medicinal Solutions in Dover and are two of three doctors in Tuscarawas County who are authorized by the state to to recommend medical marijuana to patients.

“We recommend medical marijuana for those who have one of those 21 diagnoses, and what we do is certify that diagnosis,” Barrett said.

“We are certified pain physicians and anesthesiologists, so we know how to certify those diagnoses.”

“The big takeaway is how to make you more functional with the least amount of medicines,” he said. “We think medical marijuana helps. It lowers the opioid dose. It may not take you off all your opioids, but lower your dose for sure.”

“If you have cancer and you’re wasting away, marijuana is a great treatment to lower your opioids, lower your anxiety, help you sleep and give you the munchies so you eat and actually put some calories in which you need,” Barrett explained. “It’s really a win-win if you’re a cancer patient.”

It was last September that Ohio legalized medical marijuana for 21 qualifying conditions.

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