The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has made it very vocal that they are against Utah allowing medicinal marijuana to be legal.

The church has released an analysis on the risks and ramification of Utah’s Proposition 2 written by Attorney Alexander Dushku.

Utah’s Proposition 2 would allow qualifying patients with a doctor’s recommendation to obtain a medical marijuana card and purchase cannabis products from a dispensary. If no dispensary is located within 100 miles, the initiative will let the patients grow up to six plants for personal use.

The 9-page memorandum, produced by the Salt Lake City law firm Kirton McConkie, was made available this week to the media and was written in response to a rebuttal by Libertas Institute to an earlier medical marijuana analysis that the church had made through a firm.

“Whether those problems and risks are worth it — or whether the Marijuana Initiative is a slippery slope to full legalization — is a policy question for voters to decide,” the new memorandum reads.

“It’s critical that the people of Utah have accurate information so they can make an informed decision,” said Dushku.

“We welcome reasonable, good faith discussion on the merits of the initiative but find little substance in this analysis‚” Libertas’ rebuttal had stated, “whose odd timing mere days before a deadline to remove signatures from the petition suggests that this is not so much a legal analysis as it is a political hit piece commissioned with the intent to paint only a one-sided picture of the issue.”

“If the government didn’t want [personal growing] to happen, all they have to do is comply with the law,” Libertas wrote.

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