MYM Nutraceuticals (CSE: MYM); (OTC: MYMMF) Offers Investors an Early Mover Advantage in the Rapidly-Growing CBD-Rich Hemp Market

The global cannabis market is right now in the early stages of a growth explosion.

The legalization of marijuana for recreational use in Canada triggered this growth…and the passage of the Farm Bill in the United States – which allows CBD extraction from hemp and removes it from the nation’s restricted list – has pushed the market even higher.

With more laws changing – and with legalization becoming more widespread all over the globe, it’s clear that now is the time to take advantage of this unique opportunity for early-stage profits.

So what is the best way for investors to play this unstoppable global megatrend for maximum upside potential?

One company that is rapidly separating itself from the rest is MYM Nutraceuticals Inc. (CSE: MYM); (OTC: MYMMF).

MYM Nutraceuticals is positioning itself to become a leading global supplier of CBD-rich isolate as well as a leader in CBD-rich hemp cultivation, extraction and distribution.

MYM Nutraceuticals currently has three CBD-rich hemp cultivation and extraction projects, two medical cannabis cultivation facilities and three CBD-rich isolate product distribution offices across the globe.

MYM Nutraceuticals (CSE: MYM); (OTC: MYMMF) is Establishing an Early Leadership Position in the CBD-Rich Hemp Space

CBD-rich hemp and its by-products are experiencing explosive growth on a global scale.

According to global market research company Euromonitor International, the legal cannabis market became a US $12 billion global market in 2018…

But by 2025, the global market for legal cannabis is projected to soar to US $166 billion.

That’s more than 2,000% growth over the next seven years!

MYM Nutraceuticals Inc. is at the forefront of this activity in the hemp market – moving quickly to establish a leadership position in the market.

Since the signing of the Farming Act, MYM Nutraceuticals Inc. (CSE: MYM); (OTC: MYMMF) has closed deals representing the cultivation of over 5 million pounds of CBD-rich biomass in North America by the end of the 2020 grow season.

Here is a brief summary of some of the more significant hemp projects that MYM Nutraceuticals is currently moving forward:

Hemp Project #1: Saskatchewan, Canada

On May 2, 2019, MYM Nutraceuticals Inc. (CSE: MYM); (OTC: MYMMF) announced that it had acquired 50% of BioHemp Naturals, a licensed hemp cultivator in the business of cultivating and distributing CBD-rich hemp biomass to licensed producers in Canada.

The BioHemp Naturals partnership will cultivate 450 acres of CBD-rich hemp in the 2019 grow season, with plans to expand to 3000 acres of certified organic hemp for the 2020 grow season.

The team at BioHemp Naturals brings years of industry knowledge and experience. BioHemp’s founder has been growing hemp since 2015 and developed unique harvesting methods and standard operating procedures which meet all Health Canada testing requirements for hemp.

BioHemp Naturals is a leader in this emerging industry, currently supplying Canadian Licensed Producers (LP’s) including; Aphria, Tilray, and Broken Coast.

Forecasted revenues based on the sale of biomass for the 2019 grow season are expected to exceed $30 million with 2020 grow season $225 million. The partnership will allow BioHemp to toll-process the hemp flower through MYM’s planned extraction plant which would significantly increase revenues for both seasons.

Hemp Project #2: Nevada, USA

The Nevada project is based on a CBD-rich hemp production agreement with immediate revenue-generating potential.

MYM Nutraceuticals has partnered with Elite Ventures and invested USD $500,000 to grow one pivot of 120 acres of CBD-rich hemp in Nevada. Elite will plant, grow, harvest, and process the hemp into CBD isolate of which MYM Nutraceuticals is entitled to 50%.

This agreement calls for Elite to plant, grow, harvest and extract the CBD-rich hemp into isolate and it allows MYM Nutraceuticals to renew for the 2020 growing season as well.

Hemp Project #3: Medellin, Colombia

MYM Nutraceuticals Inc. (CSE: MYM); (OTC: MYMMF) has chosen Colombia to serve as a launching point for South American operations, creating a partnership with Colombia Organica.

Ideal growing conditions, access to inexpensive labor and the proximity to ample resources, make Colombia the perfect geographical location from which to cultivate and distribute medical cannabis and CBD-rich hemp.

The initial project will be a 34-acre greenhouse medical cannabis cultivation and seed bank. Future plans include the addition of on-site extraction equipment and the creation of a distribution facility for the importation of MYM branded products into Colombia and South America.

MYM Nutraceuticals has gained a first-mover advantage by acquiring 80% of Colombia Organica, a company with expertise in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, medicinal chemical substances and botanical products.

Colombia Organica currently holds three licenses which include: production of THC cannabis derivatives, cultivation of psychoactive cannabis, and cultivation of non-psychoactive cannabis, which include the ability to export. Colombia Organica has selected for production premium quality plants which are suited to the unique, high altitude, equatorial regions of Antioquia, Colombia. There is currently an application submitted to register 102 cannabis strains with the Colombian government cannabis registry.

Global Cultivation Growth Already Underway: Two Large-Scale Production Facilities in Canada

MYM Nutraceuticals Inc. (CSE: MYM); (OTC: MYMMF) has already taken two significant steps toward its goal of becoming a major player in the global cannabis cultivation space.

These steps are represented in the building of two large-scale production facilities in Canada. Upon completion of these projects, the total amount of greenhouse growing space for MYM Nutraceuticals is expected to exceed 1.5 million square feet.

In addition, MYM Nutraceuticals is currently in the final stages of licensing two medical cannabis facilities in Quebec, Canada. Once in production, these facilities will produce super premium, high quality cannabis for the Quebec medical market.

Cannabis Project #1: Laval, Canada

MYM Nutraceuticals Inc. (CSE: MYM); (OTC: MYMMF) Laval, Quebec facility is soon to be licensed for cannabis cultivation under the brand “Sublime Culture Inc.”

The Laval facility’s focus is on indoor cultivation of small batch, super premium, indoor cannabis for sale to the Quebec medical market. This cutting edge, highly optimized, 10,000 square foot indoor facility, with architectural drawings to expand to 37,000 square feet, will harvest every seven days using a staggered production method.

The facility includes mothering and cloning areas allowing for exceptional genetic development and archiving. The facility plans to focus on cultivating high-quality specialty “craft” cannabis varieties and premium seeds as an additional revenue stream. MYM Nutraceuticals owns 75% of Sublime Culture Inc. with 25% owned by members of the Mohawk Nation.

Cannabis Project #2: Weedon, Canada

MYM Nutraceutical’s Weedon project has the potential to be one of the largest greenhouse cultivation facilities in Canada.

Under its subsidiary, CannaCanada, MYM Nutraceuticals plans to build up to 1.5 million square feet of greenhouse. MYM has purchased 329 acres of land to build the project focusing on greenhouse cannabis for the medical market.

The initial buildout of an 8,000 square foot greenhouse and 6,000 square foot processing center / office space is nearly complete with an additional 22,000 square foot of greenhouse that has been framed in.

Once the initial greenhouse receives licensing, plans are to roll out subsequent phases in a fiscally responsible manner. The facility anticipates having the capacity to generate additional revenue through seed sales and IP generation.

MYM Nutraceuticals (CSE: MYM); (OTC: MYMMF Establishes a Global Distribution Presence

By creating strategic geographic partnerships across the globe, MYM Nutraceuticals is well positioned to take advantage of economical distribution channels.

Having interests in every corner of the globe will make the distribution of cannabis products a viable option for every region. Here’s a brief look at the distribution projects MYM Nutraceuticals is currently moving forward:

Distribution Project #1: Australia

MYM Nutraceuticals Inc. (CSE: MYM); (OTC: MYMMF) has established an office and registered “MYM Australia” as the launching point for Asia Pacific operations.

The company is exploring several projects in Asia Pacific and has a goal of becoming one of the largest distributors of bulk CBD isolate in the Southern Hemisphere.

MYM is currently negotiating bulk distribution deals and the possibility of importing proprietary hemp and cannabis products into a variety of markets in the region.

Distribution Project #2: Mexico

MYM Nutraceuticals has incorporated “MYM Nutraceuticals Mexico S.A. de C.V.” and established a well-connected team to ensure the company’s place as a first-mover in the Mexican cannabis and CBD markets.

The Mexican government is currently considering significant cannabis reform at the national level. MYM Mexico aims to be at the forefront of this movement by positioning the company to be a key player in the importation and distribution of CBD isolate products.

The expected changes in cannabis legislation will make products like hemp-derived CBD available on the shelves of general retailers across the nation.

Distribution Project #3: Europe

MYM Nutraceuticals has opened an office in London, England and is currently establishing distribution relationships in the UK to use as the launching point for European operations.

The company is exploring a number of projects in Europe with the goal of becoming a major distributor of bulk CBD isolate and unique products.

The Bottom Line: MYM Nutraceuticals (CSE: MYM); (OTC: MYMMF) is a World Class Global Cannabis and Hemp Company Poised for Strong Growth Potential

With the hemp-derived CBD market projected to more than triple by 2022 – there are a number of investment opportunities to consider in this space.

Thanks to its bold moves to establish an early leadership position in the CBD-rich hemp market, it’s clear that MYM Nutraceuticals Inc. (CSE: MYM); (OTC: MYMMF) offers investors a smart way to play this growth for maximum upside potential.

With three CBD-rich hemp cultivation and extraction projects, two medical cannabis cultivation facilities and three CBD-rich isolate product distribution offices across the globe, MYM Nutraceuticals Inc. (CSE: MYM); (OTC: MYMMF) is a company with plenty to offer.

Investors looking for high upside potential in the legal cannabis market would be well advised to consider the potential of MYM Nutraceuticals Inc. (CSE: MYM); (OTC: MYMMF) – a diversified, world-class global cannabis and hemp company perfectly positioned to take advantage of this market’s continued strong growth.


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