Cresco Labs announced this week that the company is rolling out a line of edible marijuana goods in the state of California.

The company is introducing Mindy’s Edibles, which was created by Chicago-based pastry chef Mindy Segal. Segal is a winner of the James Beard Award, a prestigious prize for chefs.

They are available in six fancifully named flavors: Lush Black Cherry, Glazed Clementine Orange, Cool Key Lime Kiwi, Honey Sweet Melon, Botanical White Grapefruit, and Freshly Picked Berries.

The brand will debut in Cresco Labs’ California-only rollout.

According to Cresco Labs, Mindy’s Edibles is “the [marijuana] industry’s first culinary-backed, cannabis-infused edibles brand.”

“Bringing Mindy’s to California, and to an audience that seeks and appreciates artisanal cannabis creations, was a natural progression for a brand that’s thriving in multiple other markets,” said Cresco Labs CEO and co-founder Charles Bachtell.

“Mindy’s is well positioned for success in the California market because of Cresco’s multi-acre cultivation facility in Carpentaria, its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Mendota, and its access to the recently acquired Continuum distribution platform. Where Mindy’s dominates and differentiates is in its taste and quality, and we see a category opportunity in California to introduce a culinary creation that consumers can count on. We will leverage our unique array of flavors to appeal to our different audiences and mirror the brand success Mindy’s has seen in Nevada and Illinois.”

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