A day earlier than expected, Missouri began announcing medical marijuana dispensary licenses.

On Thursday morning, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services started to notify more than 1,100 applicants for coveted medical marijuana dispensary licenses to let them know if they would be permitted to sell cannabis to patients inside highly secured retail facilities.

The Missouri constitution provides for 192 medical marijuana dispensaries and each of the state’s eight Congressional districts gets 24 dispensaries.

There were 1,163 competitors after only 192 permits. The Springfield Business Journal reported that former NFL player Grant Wistrom’s company, Revival 98 LLC, had won a dispensary license.

Department spokeswoman Lisa Cox said to News-Leader that the full list of accepted and denied license applicants would possibly be posted online as early as Friday.

Jack Cardetti, spokesman for the Missouri Medical Cannabis Trade Association stated to News-Leader, “It’s great to see DHSS continuing to implement Missouri’s medical marijuana program as expediently as possible. The sooner licenses go out, the sooner Missouri’s 30,000 patients have access to safe, secure medicine.”

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