Starting November 1st, more than one million UK adults will be eligible for a new medicinal cannabis card.

The new cannabis exemption card will be available to protect medicinal cannabis patients from arrest and legal prosecution in the UK.

In an initiative that is supported by the Police Federation, medical marijuana patients and MPs all over the UK, patients will be eligible for the Cancard through their GPs.

It was in 2018 that medicinal marijuana was legalized in the UK. There are an estimated 1.4 million severely ill people relying on medical cannabis for its therapeutic effect in the country.

Cancard, which is a holographic photo ID, has been designed by medical cannabis patients in collaboration with senior police officials and will be available to people who suffer from conditions that have been prescribed for through private clinics.

Patients who are possession of a Cancard, will be able to identify themselves to police as verified medicinal cannabis patients and will have access to an open-source legal defence provided by Cancard should they require it.

The Cancard was conceived by Carly Barton, a prominent advocate for medicinal cannabis law reform.

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